Aquatic Mammals of the Amazon

The Amazonian Aquatic Mammals Project is sponsored by Petrobras, through the Petrobras Social-Environmental Program, renewed this year (2018). The project is carried out by the Friends of the Manatee Association (AMPA) and its main objectives are to rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce manatees (Trichechus inunguis) to the rivers of the Amazon.

The main partner of the Project is the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA / MCTIC), located in the northern region of Brazil, essentially in the state of Amazonas. The project also aims to encourage research to better understand the biology and conservation of two other aquatic mammals of the Amazon: tucuxi (Pteronura brasiliensis), and the red boto (Inia geoffrensis).

The main city is Manaus, where the Ampa base is located, where the rehabilitation and captive breeding of manatees is carried out, as well as environmental education activities, in partnership with the Aquatic Mammals Laboratory (LMA). INPA and schools around the Forest of Science and Botanical Garden of Manaus.

Through the Amazon Mammalian Aquatic Mammals Project, AMPA supports the Manatee and Boto projects of INPA, which carry out actions to minimize anthropic impacts to ensure species conservation.

The project counts on researchers and collaborators that deepen studies on the ecology, natural history and behavior of the aquatic mammals of the Amazon. The surveys provide information to alert authorities and the international community about the killing of boto-rouge and illegal poaching of manatees for commercialization.

AMPA’s partnership with Petrobras began with the national campaign to name the captive pups born at the Robin Best Aquatic Park. Since the birth of the first captive Amazon manatee, Petrobras has been one of the main sponsors of the campaign.

Petrobras has made a number of contributions so that the Aquatic Mammals Project can continue its efforts in favor of the aquatic mammals of the Amazon. With the sponsorship, Ampa performs the maintenance and rehabilitation of captive manatees, supporting research to deepen knowledge about the aquatic mammals of the Amazon, which are carried out by the LMA.

In addition, Petrobras’ support in these activities has been fundamental for the Environmental Education Program to be developed, not only with students from schools and riverside communities, but with the whole society.